Ready to think like a patternmaker?

Confident Patternmaking & Grading is 90-day, live patternmaking course that teaches you everything you need to know to draft and grade professional-quality sewing patterns for any garment you can dream.

Does this sound familiar?

✄ You're struggling to piece together patternmaking knowledge from books and mini-courses and you wish you could find everything you need to know in one place

✄ You've tried to learn patternmaking from the traditional fashion world but have found it dismissive and avoidant of fitting clothes on bodies that aren't straight, small sizes.

✄ You're not in a place where you can drop everything to go back to school to learn patternmaking

✄ You can't find good information on how to grade patterns for a wide size-range, let alone how to grade them properly in the first place

✄ Fitting and adjusting patterns feels like a mystery and requires consulting books and polling others who give you conflicting advice

✄ You have a dream of starting your own brand or sewing pattern business but you haven't found anyone to teach you what you need to make it happen

✄ You are READY to trade "trial and error" for a clear roadmap to making the sewing patterns you dream of

You're in the right place!

Imagine if you...

✨ Had a crystal clear roadmap to draft and grade your own professional-quality sewing patterns in just 90 days

✨ Could see a garment in a store, on a runway, or on the internet and know exactly how you could recreate it in any size

✨ Understood exactly how to adapt and grade patterns for bodies of all sizes and shapes

✨ Could develop a collection of sewing patterns that you feel proud of and that earn you passive income as digital products

✨ Had in-demand skills as a digital patternmaker that would allow you to work from anywhere with complete location freedom

✨Could feel like an artist, creating fluently with fabric, with all the tools and resources you need to turn your garment visions into reality


Confident Patternmaking & Grading

The stand-alone accelerated course for learning everything you need to draft and grade size-inclusive, professional quality sewing patterns in just 90 days.

✅  Exact blueprint to approach any design to draft it, adjust it, and grade it for any body. You’ll know exactly where to start and exactly how to proceed step-by-step.

✅  Fast results. This no-fluff accelerated program will get you the results of a multi-year degree program in just 90 days. 

✅  Personalized instruction. You’ll work one-on-one with your teacher to reinforce the course material and tie it back to your personal interests and projects. 

✅  Implementation and accountability. Weekly assignments and regular check-ins insure that you stay on track. We won’t let you get behind!

✅  Fit into normal life. Just 3 hours per week are all you need to keep up with assignments and join the weekly calls. Any extra time spent with the course is bonus!

✅  Every question answered. Access to your teacher via private group chat throughout the week and through weekly live office hours calls.

✅  Personal project support. In addition to weekly assignments, you’re encouraged to work on your own patternmaking projects. Take advantage of the support of a pro-patternmaker and develop your first pattern designs with their help.

What you'll learn in 3 months

Foundational Formulas

Learn to draft basic blocks for both made-to-measure garments and for size-charts

Fit & Adjust

Learn to fit garments on real bodies and adjust accordingly on the pattern

Transformational Tools

Learn tools and techniques to transform basic blocks into any garment your heart desires

Grading for Size-Expansion

Learn to grade any pattern across a wide size-range.

What's included ⬇️

✅ Library of instructional videos

✅ Comprehensive worksheet guides

✅ Lifetime access and updates

✅ Monday-Friday access to your instructor via a private group chat

✅ 12 weeks of weekly live office hours calls

✅ 24/7 access from any device

✅ Certificate of Completion at the end of the 12 weeks

What CPMG students
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Applications are open for immediate enrollment.

Plan to dedicate about 3-5 hours per week, but just like anything in life, the more time and energy you dedicate, the faster you’ll see results. 

This program condenses what you would learn in a multi-year patternmaking degree program into just 90 days.

It also covers material that few to no other patternmaking courses offer, such as size-inclusive grading and techniques for working digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

You can DM Victoria on Instagram @erbaccia_studio.

Otherwise, submit an application and book a call and she’ll answer all your questions then and there!

Teaching the course directly in Adobe Illustrator has many advantages over learning first on paper:

– No need for a large, well-lit work surface. All you need is a computer.

– Working digitally offers a precision that can be challenging to achieve on paper (especially when creating large shapes or creating precisely square and parallel lines.

– It’s faster. Copying is instant (as opposed to time-consuming hand tracing) and modifications happen so fast that you’ll feel more free to play and experiment.

– It’s the only software you need to package your patterns for sale as PDF downloads, should you choose to do so.



We’ll use predominately metric measurements throughout the course, but you’ll be fully supported and resourced for using Imperial measurements in your own work if you so choose.

Click one of the “I’m taking this opportunity” buttons anywhere on this page and follow these steps:

  1. Submit an application
  2. Schedule a call with your teacher, Victoria
  3. Show up for the call

That’s it!

Hi! I'm Victoria, your teacher!

I studied patternmaking and tailoring at Istituto di Moda Burgo, one of the the top fashion schools in Italy.

I’ve been working as a patternmaker for Violette Field Threads since the very day I graduated, and I founded my own sewing pattern brand Erbaccia Pattern Studio.

Before I went back to school to learn patternmaking, I was an organic farmer in Montana for nearly a decade, where I raised sheep and veggies and taught field-to-fiber Indigo dyeing classes.

The organic farming community I was a part of was always generously sharing knowledge and resources with one another. So, imagine my shock when I went from that world to the competitive, elitist, and exclusive fashion world! I’ve vowed to dedicate myself to mastering patternmaking skills and sharing them widely, generously, and inclusively.

And just between me and you: there’s never been a better time to be a patternmaker. We can work digitally from anywhere in the world, and change peoples’ lives with our designs. The world of inclusive fashion is rapidly growing, and now is the time to learn what you need know and hit the ground running!

Are you ready?

You can either:

Continue trying to figure it out, hacking things together, and doing the same things that have not worked so far


Invest in yourself and your craft and learn professional patternmaking skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life